Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Drink Ain't Enough Jack, You Better Make it Three

Hey, internet, what's up with you?

Me? Oh, you know. I'm covered in sticky-icky filth from trying to clean the basement. And the three streams we have running through the area isn't as awesome as one would think: it's not at all refreshing. Aren't streams suppose to be refreshing? 'Cause the ones in my basement are not. Also, there's no place to hang a tire swing to jump in. It's a total bum situation.

It has come to my attention that Aaron and I are total lazy-asses and for the past ten years we've just willy-nilly chucked stuff in the basement. Turns out, having it stacked didn't help one damn bit.

But I did unearth about four baby outfits today. Of course, they were mixed with 4T sized clothing so if you have the answer, please do feel free to explain that to me.

Tangent: Griffin and I made strawberry jam a few weeks ago. It has nothing to do with this post, but damn it is yummy and isn't it pretty?

Last weekend I worked on cleaning our bedroom to make space for the crib and changing table. I'm sure you can guess, but do you know what happened? Panic attacks. Full-fledged can't-breathe panic attacks. Do you know how hard it is to shove your face between your knees when you're 29 weeks pregnant and your toes are a distant memory?

At the rate I'm going, we're gonna have a baby in less than ten weeks (ohmyfuckingshittenweeks) and every room is gonna be torn up and not remotely put back together. I just know it.

Aaron, on the other hand, is waxing poetic over the potential happiness of his tomato plants. Do you think he has any clue how badly I want to knock his lights out?

Another panic-inducing situation:

Darwin lost his first tooth. It went from wiggly to out in less than 24 hours, and happened at the pool no less. He dove for it in the pool and caught it. "Because I have to have it for the tooth fairy!"

So, that's about it for me. How about you?


Kelly said...

My kid is desperate to lose a tooth. I find her putting inappropriate things into her mouth in an effort to knock one loose.

Your jam looks lovely. Have you resorted to eating it directly from the jar with a spoon yet? No? That must just be me.

bitter betty said...

I already see a big tooth coming in!
That's just showing off.

Ashley said...

I know how you feel about not being ready for the baby to come. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and the babys room looks like a storage closet. I know he will sleep in the master bedroom with us for awhile but still the thought of my house being so upside down right now kills me. I keep telling myself oh, we have like 41 days but then really I'm like holy hell its only 6 weeks!!!

Gina Perry said...

Making jam sounds way more fun than cleaning the basement, so bully for you. Not lazy, just focused on fun. God, that looks DELICIOUS! My guess on the clothes mix-up? You dressed up stuffed animals for your then-toddlers. That's the stage I'm at with my guy. Teddy needs newborn PJs to get ready for bed. Take it easy girl!