Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Way You Make-a Me Feel

nothing helps the nausea

except, maybe, sometimes, Mario on the wii

I'm drinking milk and chocolate milk by the gallon

I don't like milk


mandatory afternoon naps

a scare of bloody spotting

more "resting time"

boys offering to sleep with me "so we can take care of you, Momma"

roasting pounds of chicken at a time

for the boys

so they can eat

since I'm apparently unable too

unless it's toast

can gluten-free toast count as a food group?

toast with grape jelly

toast with honey

toast with strawberry preserves

toast with butter and cinnamon sugar

why does butter taste too buttery?

toast with seedless blackberry jam

garlic toast

oh, yes, garlic toast

handfuls of fiber gummy vitamins

since not eating means "things don't move along"

and the doctor insist that "things get moving along"

a puppy who is obsessed with my belly

children who tell the baby to be nicer to me

and who love the baby more, since it's already being ornery


jac said...

Mmmm. Toast.

The Nice Lady said...

does ginger not work? Ginger is one of the best things for nausea.

Unknown said...

I was going to say ginger too!!

(here in England the midwife said to me to eat a ginger biscuit BEFORE getting out of bed and moving about... surely you have a recipe for gluten free ginger cookies?)

take care.

Unknown said...

Ugh! I remember feeling that way, in the early months. :( Hang in there! I do remember that string cheese and real ginger ale helped.

kirsten said...

um, WOW!! Congrats! Sorry I'm a bit late!