Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey, They Say That a Stitch in Time Saves Nine

"So, guess what I did today."


"Dude, guess."

"I don't know. What?"

"I cleaned up downtown."

"You cleaned up downtown?"


"Oh really?"

"Yes. Because I have my annual vajayjay on Thursday."

"Wait a minute.. you cleaned up for your doctor?"

"Duh. I can't be going in there with her thinkin' I'm majoring in Forestry or something."



"It's just... but it's for me too, right?"

"NO. Not for you."

"Stupid OB, stealing all my thunder."


Keyona said...

Oh but he will soooo reap the benefits. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...


:::wipes away tears:::

Teh awesome.

logtar said...

I loved the post the moment I rad Vajayjay

amy rue said...

Usually I'm your friendly resident lurker...

but dear Jebus, this post made me laugh so hard that I sent it to my husband.

And now he can't stop singing 'Forest Fire' by Lloyd Cole.

Thank you for the smiles, lady!

-amy rue

Anonymous said...

bwahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best post I've read this week!

Mrs. S said...

LOL, this cracked me up! Thanks for the smile and laugh! :)